• Find your inner power and create your harmony

    “A warrior does not give up what he loves, he finds the love in what he does” – Dan Millman ‘Way of a Peacefull Warrior’

  • Swiadoma Relaksacja-kurs w Galway
  • Relax in Your Heart-New Relaxation classes
  • “It’s a good idea always to do something relaxing prior to making an important decision in your life.” – Paulo Coelho, ‘The Pilgrimage’

  • Calm your mind and find your Inner smile:)

  • Relax in nature as often as you can
  • What brings you positive emotions?

Relaxation in Galway

I need to slow down, I need to catch my breath` we say but we don`t do it. We dont do it beacuse we don`t know how. One way we could do it is through Morning Pages. Another way we do it is through walking meditation. A third way to do it is through conscious practice of silence… Silence is how we catch our breath. Silence is how we hear ourselves think, and also how we can hear the still, small voice speaking within us. As creative beings, we need silence. We need it or we create chaotic art rooted only in the reflection of what is around us, ungrounded in the deeper earth of ourselves.` Julia Cameron `The Artist`s Way` Hello and welcome!! Thank you for visiting my website. The Harmonious Moment-um has been created for you to help you to find and create harmony, relaxation through movement, conscious exercise & positive psychology. I am happy to support you in finding your emotional and physical balance. I look forward meeting you on Relaxation sessions. May you live in harmony and joy!

Natalia Krause

NLP & shiatsu Bodywork Practitioner

If you feel stressed and dont know where to start...

Are you looking for ways to de-stress, learn how to relax plus work with limiting beliefs? Natalia offers gentle, professional sessions:
  • Zen Shiatsu- Relaxing Japanese treatment for your Body & Mind
  • NLP sessions-help to deal with stressful thoughts, find & reinforce positive emotions

Zapraszam serdecznie na zajecia w jezyku polskim w Galway osobiscie lub przez skype.

-proste techniki relaksacyjne, pozwalające odprężyć ciało

-podstawy i proste techniki NLP, które pomogą ci bardziej panować nad umysłem

-skutecznie poradzić sobie ze stresem i niepokojem,

-zwiększą twój poziom energii i pozwolą bardziej cieszyć się życiem.

 Jesli Ty nie znajdziesz czasu by odpoczac i ustawic priorytety nikt tego nie zrobi w Twoim zyciu, a chcesz sie czuc dobrze prawda?

Czekam na zajecia z Toba!



 Would you like to be a part of my Relaxation course?  click here and let me know your thoughts https://natalia304.typeform.com/to/Rw6SBv thank you for your time!


”Natalia is a very positive teacher who guides you with ease and joy. NLP and shiatsu have given me more peace of mind, more joy and more relaxation in my daily life. I really recommend Natalia’s classes. I have benefited enormously from them.”
Laura, Galway

”I loved your class-I liked feeling it was not a competition; for me each week it was an opportunity to invoke more stillness in to my body, and your class, the practice of Tai Chi as you teach it was effective in stilling me. Thank you! Do let me know when your class will start again. I would like to continue. With a warm hug, I wish you a summer that offers you the  kind of sustenance you need, Natalia. See you in Sept I hope! ” Dana

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