• Organize even 15minutes for yourself today, to relax, stretch and observe your breathing!

  • ‘Stress is an ignorant state. It believes that everything is an emergency. Nothing is that important.’ – N. Goldberg

  • How often do you do activities that bring you joy?

About Natalia

Are you lacking joy and focus in your life?

Natalia is here to help you to discover your strength and teach you tools you could use in life changing, stressful situations.
She has developed a unique range of skills to assist you to naturally achieve mental and physical wellness.

Natalia is here to support and help you to create your harmony through a balanced blend of harmonious exercise, NLP, shiatsu & meditation. She believes that you deserve to find your inner peace and integrity of mind and body to create a healthy and fulfilling  life for yourself.



Natalia Krause is a qualified teacher of Chen Tai Chi in the lineage of Sifu Wang Hai Jun, an important contemporary Chinese master. She is a dedicated practitioner of this, the original and most effective of all Tai Chi styles. Natalia is a person of integrity, with additional skills in teaching languages, and the change of limiting beliefs using the kinesiology-based method Psych-k.   

Dr John Stanley


With her terrific smile and calm personality Natalia Krause humbly engenders an atmosphere in which her students of Tai Chi cannot but excel, and excel further, as they experience not only fun in her class, but a soothing grounding joy.

Liam Cullinane

I started attending Tai Chi classes six months ago. It is amazing as I can both learn and relax. I am taught how to balance my body, mind, breath and movement. In the same moment I can feel relaxed. However attending the classes is not only about learning, it is also developing an interest in Tai Chi. Natalia is the kind of teacher who not only teaches us the elements of the form, but also shares her knowledge about the origin of each moves. She can also easily explain the logic of the sequence. In my opinion a good teacher should create a passion for the subject among the students and I think Natalia is a teacher like this. My everyday work is very stressful. Tai Chi makes me calmer and lets me clear my thoughts and brings relief to my tensed muscles.

Arkadiusz Maruszczak, fund accountant

At the moment Natalia provides classes for Galway Parkinson’s Association in Galway and Tuam. She loves supporting people and helping them to find their balance and relaxation. Her private sessions are in a beautiful attic space studio in Galway. She combines her knowledge and experience to faciliate her clients to go through difficult and stressful life situations with mindfulness and ease.

Natalia has been constantly learning and expanding her knowledge. She has had a wide experience working with kids and adults both teaching English language and ta chi. She is an NLP practitioner, certified by John Stanley PhD, Harmonicwave Trainings Seminars. She also holds foundation certificate in shiatsu massage from Shiatsu College Dublin plus Zen Shiatsu Bodywork for Relaxation at The European Shiatsu School in Warsaw.

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